Welcome to my experience page!

Throughout college I have held a few different job positions to prepare me for the world outside of school. At the bottom of this page you can find out about some of my previous job positions and what I gained from them.

Job Experience

Head Over Heels

I served as an assistant instructor at Head Over Heels for 3 years. My job consisted of traveling to different pre-schools three days per week to teach children ages 3 to 6 years old basic gymnastic techniques. This job was a great experience because it taught me how to communicate well with others such as students' parents. It also taught me how to be a leader and time management. Head Over Heels also introduced me to babysitting opportunities. The two little girls pictured above are now going to be in my wedding because Head Over Heels allowed me to get to know them and their family.

The Flower Store

During my time at The Flower Store, I served as a sales associate. I assisted customers with any needs and took orders over the phone. I also had the opportunity to use my more creative side when rearranging shelves.

DottieOllie and Jojo

DottieOllie and Jojo are both boutiques owned by the same person. I worked in both stores as a sales associate. This job taught me good communication skills because I was constantly helping customers. I also used my creative side when I worked at DottieOllie and Jojo. I got to pick out something appealing and dress the mannequins as part of the window decorations. I got to experience working with different personalities and I also learned how to use a POS system. Occasionally, I created graphics for sales that were held at these two stores.

Ellie Boutique

I worked at Ellie the summer before freshman year. This was my first official job. While I worked at Ellie I greeted customers, tagged clothes, and organized racks. This was the first job I held that allowed me to work with different types of people on a daily basis and fully serve customers.