About my infographic

As someone who strives to be a little more healthy each day, I decided an infographic on ways to live a healthy lifestyle would be a great idea.

In a world where most women have a negative body image and the media makes us feel like we need to continuously lose weight, I would like to change the focus to being a healthier person. We shouldn't feel as though we aren't good enough because that's what advertisements tell us. Instead of focusing on being the size of a model, we should focus on being healthy.

I used Canva, a website filled with templates for different types of graphics, to create this infographic. Canva is simple to use and opens the opportunity for people to build wonderful visuals.

To create my infographic, I began by picking a free template that I thought could be recreated to make my own infographic. I changed the background color, created my title, and added graphics to match the information. Information was gathered by a online source. I chose points that I found to be the most important and would be an attention grabber.

Being healthy is a positive aspect, so I chose bright colors to represent the positivity of being a healthy person.

View the JPG and the PDF versions of the infograhpic.