Survey Research Methods

About the project

Survey Research Methods is a class required for students in the public relations program. It teaches students how to analyze and compare data.

Students gathered in groups of five. Each group was assigned a different client to collect and analyze data for. My group collected data for Ag Heritage Park at Auburn University. Our client wanted to know how the park could be utilized better.

We created a survey to be adminstered to students at Auburn University. Before creating the survey on Qualtrics, our group presented our client with a paper version to add or remove any questions. After getting approval from our client we then created the survey. Once the survey went live each group member shared the link on our Facebook pages.

After the survey was taken down, we analyzed the data and put all of the information into a booklet. We presented our findings to the client at the end of the year and provided them with the informational booklet. My group was asked to present our findings to the Ag Alumni Association because she was so pleased with our results and presentation.

You can find out more about my project here!